Awareness by Way of A Lightbearer

Dancing on the Shores of Life

A Lightbearer’s Awareness

As Lightbearers we are to be aware of: The Human and the Divine within the Lightbearer of a man or the Lightbearer of a woman on earth. As Lightbearers, we STRIVE toward GOODNESS; this is our DIVINE nature seeking Itself. As Human Beings, and Being Divine, we know to FORGIVE ourselves if or when we find ourselves falling short of our Goals. We also know, as Lightbearers, it is Human to err, and Divine to forgive, and then it is our duty to continue to Strive again.

 As Lightbearers we are to be aware of:-The 2 Lights, the 2 Powers: The cold Light of Mind, and the warm Light of love. We are aware that only the warm Light of Love can Heal, whereas the cold Light of Mind can never Heal.  Yet, it is the cold mind that acts as a flashlight of logic, will, common sense and then understanding when opened to love, pointing to the way or Path on which to Strive. Only the Mind Power must learn to accept the Love Power into its life, thereby warming the Mind. The Love Power already accepts Mind into its Heart, being True to itself of Love. On this plane of Duality, Love and Mind are seen as separate as in the 2 halves of the brain. Yet in TRUTH, Love and Mind are one Eternally, as only Mind fell, forgetting Itself and the True power. In the end, Mind and Love will walk together again as one, and the mind will be Eternally warmed by Love again.

 As Lightbearers we are to be aware of: The human tendency toward beliefs and patterns of habit! While beliefs play out in the human field, they become entrenched as grooves on a record. That same old ‘song’ keeps playing, over and over again and again. Then we begin to feel that those beliefs are familiar-which makes us feel falsely comfortable in it, and this also breeds contempt toward anyone who would dare to change it and take us away from that false familiarity that feels so comfortable. It takes a Lightbearer to awaken one from such patterns of unconscious belief, and dispel the spell of belief so those false notes can be heard in a false song sung once again. Then the song sung true can also be heard as the Lightbearer can hear with his inner ear, that which rings True.

We are also to be aware of:That which holds us back is the opposite of HARMONY, and is known by subconscious traits such as fear, doubt, ego, greed, hate, jealousy, power hungry etc. A Lightbearer pays attention to aspects heard and asks the question, ‘what’s talking’, to the one sounding the false note-even if it is oneself.

The Lightbearers’ duty is to: Lift the veil of ignorance, by Mind walking hand in hand with Love.

 Thank you!

MargaretSue A Lightbearer-ever striving


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