With What Power…

Light Reflected into MY Cup

UNITY is HARMONY that must first be manifested in our WITHIN before it can be manifested into the WITHOUT.

With what then are we UNIFIED? With WHAT POWER do we find ourSelves at HARMONY’s Doorway? With what power do we align, that keeps us from getting there? Is human coercion ever the way of THIS LIGHT?

What Hand is it that steers the Ship of Inspiration thru the darkness of another’s mind so taut? Yet is that Loving Hand ever ready in reaching out through INSPIRATION to LIFT the veil of ignorance once again.  Who stands idly by waiting for the TABLE to be set BEFORE them? With what POWER doth the blow of LIVING BREATH Cause a moving upon these Sails of Lighted Inspiration for us and ALL of Humanity?

Questions given for each who cares enough to go Within to answer for themselves.     At Peace BE where LIGHT and LOVE REIGN Supreme,

MargaretSue Chief Lightbearer


What Have I Given Away?

On reflection of this birthday, I have been thinking about my journey here on planet earth. How I came in to this life with little feet and had to learn to walk and talk and such. I also came into his world wearing my birthday suit, but I will leave this world clothed in another suit –it has come to me.On my Father’s gravestone, from my Grand Mother is the saying-‘What you take with you when you leave this world is what you gave away’. I understand that better now. And I wondered…what exactly have I given away?
I imagined that an Angel was with this little girl just prior to birth. I could feel that Angel and that she said this little girl will have Art as her creativity in this life on her side coming with her and other gifts she will not realize till later. She will have trials and tribulations and meet other beings who will want to take from her or be jealous of her and her family in this life.
Yet she will have a Mother who will tell her when someone is just being jealous, and she will say that it is be better to love them at a distance because jealousy eats people up-till they let it go. At times, the Mother will tell this little girl to go into a room with a mirror and imagine it full of mirrors to observe the little girl’s actions and how they have can affect other people, and that this would draw upon compassion. The Angel said there would a Father who would show her how to be a winner in life against all odds, and teach how anything is possible. She said he will be right much fun teaching the little girl how important it is to enjoy what one does with full enthusiasm. 
The Angel also said that Freedom would be by the little girl’s side because without it, she would not feel free to create from the depths her Soul-or to speak her truth and yet temper it with compassion wherever she goes. She said this little girl will have all these things in her life as gifts, including plenty and the lack of plenty, disappointments and betrayals and all the ups and downs in life that she can also turn into gifts by conscious choice to do so.
But then the Angel said, “The greatest gift this little girl will have is LOVE, because she said without it, none of the other gifts will matter and will disintegrate without it. She said, “LOVE is what brought you here, and all the LOVE you ever have given away is what will clothe you when you leave this world.” Then the little girl said-“but if I give it away-won’t I be bereft of this LOVE?”
Then the Angel said that, “Only LOVE knows LOVE, so only LOVE can give LOVE away, and that in giving is the Soul nourished thereby increasing LOVE which builds your Eternal garments.’ The little girl was fine with that-and off she went! Throughout this life this little girl has realized, that ALL beings are endowed with the same things, the gifts are just named a little different. But LOVE isn’t named differently, interesting enough! 

Awareness by Way of A Lightbearer

Dancing on the Shores of Life

A Lightbearer’s Awareness

As Lightbearers we are to be aware of: The Human and the Divine within the Lightbearer of a man or the Lightbearer of a woman on earth. As Lightbearers, we STRIVE toward GOODNESS; this is our DIVINE nature seeking Itself. As Human Beings, and Being Divine, we know to FORGIVE ourselves if or when we find ourselves falling short of our Goals. We also know, as Lightbearers, it is Human to err, and Divine to forgive, and then it is our duty to continue to Strive again.

 As Lightbearers we are to be aware of:-The 2 Lights, the 2 Powers: The cold Light of Mind, and the warm Light of love. We are aware that only the warm Light of Love can Heal, whereas the cold Light of Mind can never Heal.  Yet, it is the cold mind that acts as a flashlight of logic, will, common sense and then understanding when opened to love, pointing to the way or Path on which to Strive. Only the Mind Power must learn to accept the Love Power into its life, thereby warming the Mind. The Love Power already accepts Mind into its Heart, being True to itself of Love. On this plane of Duality, Love and Mind are seen as separate as in the 2 halves of the brain. Yet in TRUTH, Love and Mind are one Eternally, as only Mind fell, forgetting Itself and the True power. In the end, Mind and Love will walk together again as one, and the mind will be Eternally warmed by Love again.

 As Lightbearers we are to be aware of: The human tendency toward beliefs and patterns of habit! While beliefs play out in the human field, they become entrenched as grooves on a record. That same old ‘song’ keeps playing, over and over again and again. Then we begin to feel that those beliefs are familiar-which makes us feel falsely comfortable in it, and this also breeds contempt toward anyone who would dare to change it and take us away from that false familiarity that feels so comfortable. It takes a Lightbearer to awaken one from such patterns of unconscious belief, and dispel the spell of belief so those false notes can be heard in a false song sung once again. Then the song sung true can also be heard as the Lightbearer can hear with his inner ear, that which rings True.

We are also to be aware of:That which holds us back is the opposite of HARMONY, and is known by subconscious traits such as fear, doubt, ego, greed, hate, jealousy, power hungry etc. A Lightbearer pays attention to aspects heard and asks the question, ‘what’s talking’, to the one sounding the false note-even if it is oneself.

The Lightbearers’ duty is to: Lift the veil of ignorance, by Mind walking hand in hand with Love.

 Thank you!

MargaretSue A Lightbearer-ever striving

To Channel or Not to Channel

By Margaret Sue Turner Wright CLB

How do you know what or whom you are channeling when you choose to do so? Do other beings communicate from the spirit realm, and if so-how? So what is the point of channeling and why is it so popular today? Is there a better, safer and sure fire solution for our connection to Spirit?

In reflecting on the Science of our Being, scientifically we know and can prove that we live at the present time on 3 planes of existence, [the physical, mental and Spiritual planes] and in 3 levels of Mind, [the Conscious Mind, the lower mind or sub-conscious mind, and the Higher Mind or Super Conscious Mind]. Our journey in this life progresses naturally and harmoniously thru a state of heightened awareness and joy as we cooperate in the Spiritual evolution to come to ‘Know Thyself’ more and more. Of course to Know Thyself is a Conscious Mind choice that we make day-by-day, moment-by-moment.

The Art of learning from what state of mind we are talking from is our task and our joy as is the Art of knowing what state of mind we have contacted in meditation.

The Conscious Mind is the best starting point! What are you Conscious of-right now….Check in on your mental awareness…Are you ‘curious’, ‘doubtful’, ‘skeptical’, ‘trusting’ or ‘distrustful’…and so on.

Now check your feeling nature…As you are reading this-are you feeling: ‘good’, ‘not so good’, ‘fearful’, or ‘confident’ or ‘bold’…and so on.

There may also be ‘echoes’ as I call them from your own past experiences that also create a feeling of judging from that experience. Like for example, being burned from a bad experience creates an ‘echo’ that can be felt in a new though similar experience that you are thinking about or getting ready to participate in.  That thought could hold you back from a wondrous and fulfilling journey! But how do you know the difference between a clear warning signal and just an echo of fear or grief?

This is the interior journey. It will be a little different for each individual. For example, visualize you and your friends standing in a circle. In the center of the circle, visualize the central question of wanting to know the truth of a thing. We all stand at a differing certain angle to this central question so naturally we will each have a little different angle of perception with regard to the truth of the thing. Just remember that in that moment you are also in and OF that circle and a part of a bigger whole therefore. That is the similar angle for all, the angle of the absolute. Reducing the differences into the similarities takes us from the details of the particulars on into the whole picture and then we can sense the broader and more encompassing Truths.

Every time we speak, we are channeling information about a part of our self or about our whole being or about something felt or remembered from our self or from another being. We just didn’t realize that we are channeling. Channeling after all is just expressing ‘without’ what you sense from ‘Within.’ So in this interior journey, we really need to know where our information is coming from, as in what level of mind it is coming from to know for example if it is from our own subconscious memories, or subconscious memories from another being-whether that being is on the physical plane or the Spirit plane. And we would probably all love to know when we are channeling some truth that stands the test of time, such as an eternal truth.  How about that moment when you received a certain flash of insight that inspired you? Is it an eternal truth or is it a truth that works for you now in this moment of your life? Channel that! Truth is truth! But don’t say it is eternal if it is simply suited to that moment of your life. Stay truthful.

The subconscious mind is full of contradictions since it is also where belief systems flourish. There again, we have to be conscious as to ‘what’ is talking/channeling! When you say, ‘I am not as intelligent as Mary’…or …’You’re not as intelligent as I am’…’what’ in the world is talking? It is only the subconscious mind that speaks from fear, and sometimes we fear we are ‘less than’ or ‘better than!’ So there again, we would be channeling hogwash of the silly sub-conscious mind. That does not make for an enlightening uplifting conversation does it! Yet we are channeling- but on the low level.

We may ‘believe’ we are channeling some super great being from spirit who has information that we can only get from that channeled being. Such is the belief system of that channeler. It could be information channeled from the synchronous vibrations of another being from spirit….but did you hear that…? ‘Synchronous vibrations’…meaning YOU have those vibrations-YOU have those thoughts within you too! Like does attract like and you cannot reach into the vibrations of that which you are not –on some level. As beauty appreciates beauty on some level, so also does Love know love. Only Love can know Love as it takes itself to recognize itself! We do not recognize that which we are not. Rather, we are not in attunement with nor do we find those friends hanging around us which are ‘dissimilar’ to us.

And finally, when Spirit really does communicate with you, and you feel ‘Spirit’ is good and uplifting, then as a result of that belief, you should feel good, empowered, with an intuitive knowing that will have the effect of empowerment, inspiration and guidance. Of course, watch out for the sub-conscious ego mind that wants to take credit for it! Aka…‘Look at me and only me’…

When we are speaking from channeled information -if it is from a Higher source-it can be our own Higher Self! Then it is empowering, uplifting and part of our own natural evolution-spiritually speaking. It has seemed to me that at times people have a hard time accepting that the Inner Wisdom is a part of their own Self so according to their own belief system-it is therefore ascribed to someone ‘other’ accordingly.

The Super conscious mind is the bridge from our conscious mind ID to the broader picture- the eternal as it relates to us. Remember the Circle we stood in… here is my angle: We thought so little of ourselves that we thought we had to receive great Wisdom from someplace or somebody beyond our own self. The truth?  My angle of perception again: The Eternal Truths are the same for everyone if that being or channeler delivering those truths can leave the ego –sub-conscious mind behind. For what will be eternally true has to be so for you, for me and Billy Joe and Bobby Sue and everybody else-now-tomorrow and as far into forever as we can see!

My highest insight from my own beloved Higher Self: Only Love knows Love, as what less can Love do…