With What Power…

Light Reflected into MY Cup

UNITY is HARMONY that must first be manifested in our WITHIN before it can be manifested into the WITHOUT.

With what then are we UNIFIED? With WHAT POWER do we find ourSelves at HARMONY’s Doorway? With what power do we align, that keeps us from getting there? Is human coercion ever the way of THIS LIGHT?

What Hand is it that steers the Ship of Inspiration thru the darkness of another’s mind so taut? Yet is that Loving Hand ever ready in reaching out through INSPIRATION to LIFT the veil of ignorance once again.  Who stands idly by waiting for the TABLE to be set BEFORE them? With what POWER doth the blow of LIVING BREATH Cause a moving upon these Sails of Lighted Inspiration for us and ALL of Humanity?

Questions given for each who cares enough to go Within to answer for themselves.     At Peace BE where LIGHT and LOVE REIGN Supreme,

MargaretSue Chief Lightbearer